The 2022 Summer Slate of the Pop Up Film Residency will feature 7 filmmakers from as many countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France, Russia, Slovenia, and Sudan.

Projects are predominantly debut features, yet more experienced filmmakers such as Caru Alves de Souza from Brazil and Sonja Prosenc from Slovenia will work on their third feature film projects, with previous films already remarked at Berlinale, Karlovy Vary IFF, or San Sebastian FF.

From the Al-Eylafoon Camp in Sudan during the tragic events of 1998 to the mermaid of Monterrey, a small town in Southern Patagonia, close to oil platforms and freezing sea waters, passing by a decadent porn movie theatre in downtown São Paulo, Pop Up Film Residents will explore an incredible range of territories, including the other side of the Internet populated by artificial intelligence creatures.

Each project & resident was matched with a specific mentor, that can now be announced exclusively. Mentors will include two French female filmmaker: Lucile Hadžihalilović whose last English-speaking film Earwig is about to be released in the US after its UK release in June, and Marie Amachoukeli, who is currently editing her new feature as director after her co-directed debut Party Girl won the Camera d’Or.

Mentors will also include Estonian writing duo Andris Feldmanis & Livia Ulman, who notably co-wrote Compartment n°6 (Grand Prix Cannes 2021). Slovak experimental documentary filmmaker Viera Čákanyová, whose White on White won Best Documentary in Jihlava 2020 and Paraguayan Marcelo Martinessi, whose debut The Heiresses won several Silver Bears in Berlinale 2018, will also join as mentors.

Last but not least, two well-known editors: Berlin-based Benjamin Mirguet and Romanian Catalin Cristutiu will also accompany projects as well, demonstrating residencies are not limited to scriptwriting only but encompass the whole creative process.

Hosts of the residencies are well-known figures from the industry, including Faroese producer Jon Hammer in Tórshavn and Lithuanian producer Marija Razgute in Vilnius.

Meet the residents:
Resident: Marlene Grinberg (Argentina)
Title: The Mermaid of Monterrey – debut
Mentor: Lucile Hadžihalilović
Partner: BrLab
Location: Bratislava
Synopsis & bio: here

Resident: Sonja Prosenc (Slovenia)
Title: Redemption
Mentor: Marie Amachoukeli
Partner: On Demand
Location: Paris

Synopsis & bio: here

Resident: Ahmad Mahmoud (Sudan)
Title: Specters of Alhoot – debut
Mentor: Marcelo Martinessi
Partner: Beirut Cinema Platform
Location: Bratislava
Synopsis & bio: here

Resident: Thomas Woodroffe (Chile)
Title: Erratics – debut
Mentor: Viera Čákanyová
Partner: Cannes Court Métrage
Location: Bratislava
Synopsis & bio: here

Resident: Caru Alves de Souza (Brazil)
Title: Lonely Hearts
Mentors: Andris Feldmanis & Livia Ulman
Partner: Projeto Paradiso
Location: Vilnius (Host: Marija Razgute)
Synopsis & bio: here

Resident: Nastia Korkia (Russia)
Title: Short Summer – debut
Mentor: Benjamin Mirguet
Partner: When East Meets West
Location: Paris
Synopsis & bio: here

Resident: Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis (France)
Title: Deep Fake – debut
Mentor: Cătălin Cristutiu
Partner: Cannes Court Métrage
Location: Faroe Islands (Host: Jon Hammer)
Synopsis & bio: here


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