A unique collaborative initiative
Created by filmmakers for filmmakers, the Pop Up Film Residency brings the best of what artistic residencies usually offer, with a truly individualised mentorship program. Each residency is unique, specific to the needs of the project, and hosts one resident at a time. Most often a Pop Up Film Residency includes a 3-week onsite residency, together with a follow-up that lasts over a year at least.

The Pop Up Film Residency is a global initiative, with a network of hosts active for now in Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. We would like to believe this is a collaborative concept that can hatch out anywhere. Since the pilot edition in 2018, about 50 residencies have been offered, and each month the number is increasing.

Thanks to its cooperation with around 20 film organisations worldwide, ranging from prestigious film festivals to leading film labs, forums, or funds, the Pop Up Film Residency aims at embracing and supporting contemporary cinema in all its diversity. While the key objective is to nurture talents, skills and innovation, each new film completed that meets its audience is an opportunity to celebrate cinema.

We care
We care for the film community to be fair and nourish respect for people regardless of nationality, cultural background, social class, gender, sexual identity/orientation, health, faith, or family status.
We care for our initiative to promote equality, diversity and inclusion.
We care about our environment, aim to act sustainably and encourage others to do so as well.