The Pop Up Film Residency brings the best of what artistic residencies offer, together with a truly individualised mentorship program. Created by filmmakers for filmmakers, each residency is unique, specific to the needs of the project, and only hosts one resident at a time.

The first venue, Bratislava in Slovakia, is thought of as a hub, however the Pop Up Film Residency is a concept that can hatch out anywhere. After a pilot edition in 2018, a some three dozens of residency programs organised, the Pop Up Film Residency network has now expanded around the Mediterranean, Nordic & Baltic seas, with hosts in different countries.

The Pop Up Film Residency is organised mostly in collaboration with various prestigious film initiatives. Experienced filmmakers, with two feature film credits at least, can ask for a Residency On Demand.

We care for the film industry that is fair to its members and uses its capacity to influence others to nourish respect to people regardless of nationality, cultural roots, economical status, health status, faith, gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, or family status.

We care to promote equity and provide support to make the starting line as equal as possible for everyone.

We care about our environment and believe that even a small change in our daily routines can do a lot. 

We aim to act sustainably and to encourage others to do so as well.

We are signatory of the green call and we mean it.