We are delighted to introduce the six new mentors of Munich Film Up!, an initiative dedicated to fostering emerging filmmakers and their innovative projects. Each mentor brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the program, ensuring a rich and diverse learning environment for our participants.

Davy Chou

Davy Chou, an acclaimed filmmaker and producer, is known for his work that bridges French and Cambodian cinema. His films, such as “Diamond Island,” or “Return to Seoul” have garnered international recognition for their poignant storytelling and vivid visual style. As a mentor, Davy will guide participants in refining their narrative techniques and visual storytelling skills.

Anna Ciennik

Anna Ciennik, a seasoned festival programmer and industry consultant, has extensive experience in identifying and nurturing cinematic talent. Her keen eye for compelling narratives and innovative filmmaking will be invaluable to the participants. Anna’s mentorship will focus on navigating the festival circuit and maximizing the visibility of their projects.

Ayman El Amir

Ayman El Amir is a distinguished script consultant and producer from Egypt. With a background in developing award-winning scripts, Ayman will provide in-depth guidance on screenplay development, helping participants to craft engaging and impactful stories. His expertise will be crucial in shaping the narrative structure and character development of the projects.

Magali Negroni

Magali Negroni, a renowned producer and mentor, brings a wealth of knowledge from her extensive career in the film industry. Her experience spans numerous acclaimed films and projects, making her an invaluable resource for aspiring filmmakers. Magali’s mentorship will focus on production strategies, financing, and the practical aspects of bringing a film to life.

Mariana Ricardo

Mariana Ricardo is an accomplished screenwriter and editor known for her work on internationally acclaimed films. Her deep understanding of narrative and editing will help participants to refine their scripts and enhance the pacing and flow of their films. Mariana’s mentorship will emphasize the importance of storytelling and the intricacies of post-production.

Franz Rodenkirchen

Franz Rodenkirchen is a celebrated script consultant with a talent for guiding filmmakers through the creative process. His extensive experience in script development and his collaborative approach will provide participants with the tools they need to develop their projects to their fullest potential. Franz will focus on story development, character arcs, and the overall coherence of the scripts.


The Projects

Under the guidance of these six exceptional mentors, Munich Film Up! participants will work on a diverse range of projects, each with the potential to make a significant impact in the film industry. The mentors will provide tailored support and feedback, ensuring that each project is developed with the highest level of creativity and professionalism.

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