The mentoring program took a new dimension, as our 6 participants, recent film school graduates developing their first feature films, traveled each to a different & unique Pop Up Film Residency all over the world!

After 2 years of pandemics, struggling with residencies constantly re-scheduled, postponed, if not canceled, this was the perfect opportunity to realize the sheer scale of our network – have a look!


Final stage of the program: Munich in June at the Filmfest München!
“Even though it was short, it was super sweet and helpful. Katja & Daniel were like helium balloons lifting my elephant weight of the project.”
Lana Bregar

“ I wrote a lot, but also a lot for the trash can. I’m approaching my film by eliminating bad ideas. I’ve basically made a decision about what my film should look like in the end. From here, I can keep working.”

Erec Brehmer