We are over the Moon and beyond stars! 

In 2018, Jacqueline Lentzou became the very first Pop Up Resident.  With her project Selene66, she spent four months in Bratislava working in one-on-one sessions with four mentors.

In 2021, the 71st Berlinale premieres Jacqueline Lentzou’s Moon, 66 Question within the competitive section Encounters, a counterpoint and a complement to Competition, devoted to new cinematic visions, and fostering aesthetically and structurally daring works from independent, innovative filmmakers.

It is magical. When I read the Encounters’ description and stumbled upon the words ‘challenging traditional forms’, I literally had shivers from the excitement, since this is one of the basic reasons I make cinema: to break its boundaries. To try and make something ‘new‘. ” (J. Lentzou)


Glad we were here and could support the story of Artemis and her journey at the beginning of the journey.