Dear BrLab, thank you for letting us discover so many beautiful projects!
We are delighted to welcome Cuban-Columbian “Vicenta B.” on the Pop Up board. This will be the 3rd feature film by director Carlos Lechuga.

Vicenta B. is a Cuban-Colombian project,  the 3rd feature film from Carlos Lechuga. His debut Melaza premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival and received numerous awards at several festivals. Santa & Andrés, his second feature film, premiered at Toronto and San Sebastián and won, among others, the Best Ibero-American Film Award at the Guadalajara Film Festival. He is developing his new project Vicenta B. with producer Claudia Calviño.

Congratulations! The team will benefit from a Pop Up Film Residency taking place in the Middle East.

The project was selected in partnership with BrLab.