We are thrilled to announce that Pop Up Residency is partnering with the British Film Institute (BFI) to deliver an exciting new initiative for UK genre film projects. This collaboration will support the development of innovative and original genre films through the UK Next Wave Genre Lab, bringing together some of the industry’s top talent and experts.

About the UK Next Wave Genre Lab

The UK Next Wave Genre Lab is a groundbreaking program designed for UK-based writers and directors who are developing their first, second, or third feature films. With a focus on genre films—including horror, thriller, science-fiction, and action projects—the Lab offers an unparalleled opportunity for filmmakers to enhance their craft and build international connections.

Esteemed Contributors and Mentors

We are honored to have industry veterans and acclaimed professionals as part of our inaugural Lab. Key contributors include:

  • Patrik Andersson: Producer of Midsommar
  • Dan Martin: SFX artist for Infinity Pool
  • Frank Kruse: Sound editor/designer for All Quiet On The Western Front
  • Andy Starke: Producer of Hoard
  • Verena Grafe-Hoft: Producer of Pelican Blood
  • Carlota Pereda: Filmmaker of Piggy

Additional esteemed mentors and tutors will be announced soon, further enriching the program with their expertise and guidance.

Leadership and Management

The Lab is led by a distinguished team of directors and executives, including:

  • Fabien Westerhoff, Danuta Krasnohorska, and Edward Parodi: Financial and administrative directors for Film Constellation
  • Matthieu Darras: Artistic director for Tatino Films
  • Myriam Sassine, Evrim Ersoy, and Antoine Waked: Executive director and co-heads of study for Maskoon Fantastic Lab

Program Details

The UK Next Wave Genre Lab will feature a comprehensive filmmaker workshop in Cardiff and tailor-made residencies, providing participants with the chance to forge international partnerships and gain valuable insights from leading industry professionals.

Application Information

Submissions for the program open on June 17, 2024, and close on July 19, 2024. We encourage all aspiring genre filmmakers to apply and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to develop their projects with world-class support.

Stay tuned for more info coming your way soon!