We are beyond thrilled to share that three of our esteemed hosts at Pop Up Film Residency—Ada Solomon, Giorgos Karnavas, and Marija Razgute—have been appointed to the board of the prestigious European Film Academy (EFA). This significant achievement highlights their exceptional contributions to cinema and their unwavering commitment to nurturing new talent.

Ada Solomon: 

Ada Solomon’s journey in the film industry is nothing short of inspiring. With over two decades of experience, Ada has produced a multitude of award-winning films that have captivated audiences and critics alike. Her passion for storytelling and her keen eye for talent have made her a revered figure in European cinema. At Pop Up Film Residency, Ada has been a beacon of guidance for emerging filmmakers, helping them turn their creative dreams into reality while mentoring them and hosting them in Romania.

Giorgos Karnavas:

Giorgos Karnavas is renowned for his innovative approach and steadfast support of independent cinema. As a co-founder of the Greece-based production company Heretic, Giorgos has produced films that have not only won critical acclaim but also pushed the boundaries of traditional storytelling. His new position on the EFA board will undoubtedly allow him to further advocate for independent filmmakers and bring fresh, diverse voices to the forefront of European cinema.

Marija Razgute: 

Marija Razgute’s  presence in the film industry is marked by her commitment to producing films that are both artistically excellent and culturally significant in Lithuania and globally. Her impressive portfolio includes numerous films that have garnered international recognition for their unique narratives and powerful performances. As a host at Pop Up Film Residency, Marija has played a crucial role in creating an environment where filmmakers can thrive. Her appointment to the EFA board is a well-deserved recognition of her contributions and her potential to influence the future direction of European cinema.

The European Film Academy is dedicated to promoting the rich diversity of European cinema and supporting the creative efforts of filmmakers across the continent. The addition of Ada Solomon, Giorgos Karnavas, and Marija Razgute to the EFA board underscores the academy’s commitment to excellence and innovation in film. Congratulations to our hosts!