In a groundbreaking move for independent filmmakers in Asia, Tatino Films proudly announces collaborations with the Alternativa Film Project and the QCinema Project Market. This partnership brings forth a unique opportunity for filmmakers from Central Asia and Southeast Asia through Pop Up Film Residencies.

Alternativa Film Project: Empowering Central Asian Voices

The Alternativa Film Project, led by California-based tech company inDrive, supports filmmakers from developing industries. Launched this autumn, the project’s Impact Lab focuses on projects with significant societal influence, offering the prestigious Pop Up Alternativa Award to one standout project. The Alternativa Film Awards celebrate new voices with a $100,000 prize fund, including the Resonance Award, granting a Pop Up Film Residency to a Central Asian film that resonates globally.

QCinema Project Market: A Southeast Asian Hub

In its 11th edition, the QCinema International Film Festival remains a significant contributor to the Asian festival scene. The QCinema Project Market, the festival’s official industry program, serves as a platform for Filipino and Southeast Asian filmmakers to connect with collaborators and financiers.

Financed by the Quezon City Film Commission (QCFC), the Pop Up QCFC x QCinema Award offers a personalized mentorship program in Paris (France) in February 2024, providing recipients with exclusive focus on their film projects.

Praising the Collective Vision

Matthieu Darras, CEO and Director of Tatino Films, the driving force behind Pop Up Film Residency, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Our ambition is to foster distinctive film talents from Central Asia and Southeast Asia, making them benefit from the unique ecosystem of the Pop Up Film Residency.”

The integration of Alternativa Film Project and QCinema Project Market into the Pop Up Film Residency network marks a significant step towards creating a global platform that nurtures creativity, fosters mentorship, and amplifies diverse voices. This collective vision aims to redefine the landscape of independent filmmaking, ensuring that talents from Central Asia and Southeast Asia receive the recognition and support they deserve.

As the Pop Up Film Residency network continues to expand, the future promises a dynamic and interconnected community of filmmakers shaping the narrative of global cinema. The collaboration with Alternativa Film Project and QCinema Project Market is a testament to the power of unity in advancing the art of filmmaking on a global scale.


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