StopMoLab is a 7-month training program organized by MOMAKIN to equip individuals entering the animation industry with essential professional skills and knowledge. The program offers mentorship from leading specialists, helping participants specify their career paths and gain confidence in their abilities. It focuses on updating qualifications, perfecting skills, and fostering creativity in the rapidly changing animation industry. The course includes online and offline sessions with mentors, lectures, case studies, and masterclasses. Participants and mentors come from various countries worldwide. The second edition of StopMoLab emphasizes three pillars: professional and business skills, as well as mentoring, led by experts like Tim Allen and Francesca Maxwell. MOMAKIN is an animation-focused organization supporting projects from development to distribution and promoting industry education and professionalization. More information can be found at

Berna Yildiz

Berna Yildiz



Berna Yıldız is a stop-motion filmmaker based in Istanbul, Türkiye.
loves to learn different techniques to get as creative as possible and interested in hybrid techniques.  She is in the early stages of development with a short animation project about a Turkish guest worker family in 70s Germany based on her mother’s memories. Her first film The Void(2021), a cut-out shadow animation made during the pandemic, was selected for 14 festivals. This empowered her to keep creating new projects.  She graduated during the pandemic, with a short stop-motion film project “THINGS YOU KNOW” adapted from a feminist play written by Vala Thorsdottir, an absurd comedy monologue about a recently divorced woman.
She is
also working on a hybrid mockumentary as a co-director for Animist Animation Directing Program.


A ten year old girl moves around in Germany with her Turkish worker parents in 1976. She has a crowded family with two younger and two older siblings. She has to learn a new language, between economical struggles, race problems that she doesn’t understand. She also tries to adapt her changing body, her first love and deep emotions towards a young Italian boy in a new school environment. During the adaptation, she changes multiple schools and never finds a pieceful moment.

We see her daily life struggles in a funny way as a foreigner in Germany around 75s.


Juraj Krasnohorsky

Juraj Krasnohorsky


Juraj Krasnohorský is a film producer based in Bratislava and a co-founder of Pop Up Film Residency. He lived for 14 years in Geneva, Bilbao and Paris where he studied physics, mathematics and film.
In 2010 he founded production company Artichoke and released his debut feature film as director Tigers in the City (2012). As a creative producer, he currently works on several animated, feature-length and documentary films. His co-produced short film Superbia (2016) competed at Semaine de la Critique in Cannes. He is an EAVE alumnus and head of the CEE Animation Workshop.
Among expected titles under his production aegis are a four-country stop motion animation Of Unwanted Things and People and animation White Plastic Sky.

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