The QCINEMA PROJECT MARKET (QPM) is the official industry initiative of the QCinema International Film Festival that provides a valuable platform for filmmakers and producers to connect, secure funding, expand their networks, gain exposure, develop their skills, and contribute to the growth of the international film industry. It aims to enrich the festival experience, support the creation of innovative and globally relevant films, and contribute to the growth and development of the regional film industry.

The  partnership between the QCinema Project Market and the Pop Up Film Residency is a unique collaboration designed to elevate the art of filmmaking in Southeast Asia.

Carlo Enciso Catu

Carlo Enciso Catu


Carlo Enciso Catu is a 29 year old, multi-awarded Filipino filmmaker from the region of Pampanga. His work seeks to explore the trauma surrounding the Philippine family, the normalisation of LGBTQ+ centric-stories and the balancing both artistic and commercially viable works.

His debut film, Ari: My Life With A King premiered at the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) and was named one the 50 Best Filipino Films of the 21st Century by Pinoy Rebyu (Society of Filipino Film Reviewers). In 2016, he was the youngest Gawad Urian nominee for Best Director (Philippines’ equivalent to the Oscars).

Carlo also works in narrative tv; directing and writing three full series (Misis Piggy, My Delivery Gurl, My Single Lady) and part of an anthology (Now Streaming); all available on major Philippine streaming platforms such as iWant and CignalPlay.

He is an alumnus of Full Circle Lab, ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator (FLY Cambodia 2016, FLY Higashikawa 2017, FLY Alumni Program Singapore 2018),

Hold My Gaze

Through the telling of lies, deceit and murder; three damaged souls seek to mend their broken selves through the love of another. But no one is able to hold the gaze of their lover, under the shadow of the ever-present third.