Doha Film Institute is dedicated to film appreciation, education, and building a dynamic film industry in Qatar that focuses on nurturing regional storytellers while being entirely global in its scope. With culture, community, education and entertainment at its foundation, Doha Film Institute serves as an all-encompassing film hub in Doha, as well as a resource for the region and the rest of the world. We firmly believe in the power of film to change hearts and minds, and our motto reflects the sentiment that “Film is Life”. 

Date & place of the next edition: Batroun, Lebanon, April 2023


Omar Elhamy

Omar Elhamy

Writer, director

Omar was born and raised in Egypt before settling in Montreal in 2012. 
He works as an editor, writer, and director, his works were screened internationally at the likes of Berlinale, Rotterdam, Toronto, and Sundance film festivals. He is now working on his first feature-length film as a director The Firehouse, planned to be shot in 2024.

The Firehouse

Soraya is back on her family estate off the shores of Al Alamein after decades of being away.
She encounters a family from the neighboring village, where she finds herself a witness to a family feud and finally a companion in mourning.


Antoine Waked

Antoine Waked

Antoine Waked has extensive experience in the field of cinema mentorship and education. He is the development executive at Abbout Productions, the leading film production company in Lebanon; the director of the cinema section at Alba University, one of the top filmmaking schools in the country and the co-founder and artistic director of Maskoon Fantastic Film Festival and the Maskoon Fantastic Lab which helps develop and package Arab genre films. Other activities include script consultations for many international films, mentorship in various screenwriting labs and essays and lectures on Arab genre cinema. He also co-directed the award-winning documentary ‘A Certain Nasser’ about the life of pioneer Lebanese filmmaker Georges Nasser.


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