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Date & place: 2020 online


Issam Bouguerra

Issam Bouguerra



Born in Kairouan in 1983, graduated in Advertising from the Design School of Tunis and in “Cinema Production” from “Los Angeles City College”.

 He began his career with JWT as a copywriter and graphic designer specializing in animation. He goes on to directing at “Attounissia TV” with a series of docudrama about crimes.

In 2017, he wrote and directed “Faracha” his first short film. “10.628” is his first attempt to a feature film based on his personal experience as a prisoner in Mornaguia Prison.


In the year 2011, Tunisia is in total chaos after the destitution of its president. While people are discovering the taste of freedom for the first time, Bassem, a 30-year-old cartoonist, is imprisoned after a series of unfortunate events that led to a fight with cops. While Bassem is struggling to survive this new experience, his father and his best friend are struggling with the bureaucracy and the corruption of the judicial system to get him out of prison as soon as possible.


Domenico La Porta

Domenico La Porta

Domenico La Porta is the editor of Cineuropa, the online media focusing on the European audiovisual industry and available in 4 languages since 2002.

He is experienced as a journalist, script doctor and a transmedia author/producer and he has been involved with 40+ narrative projects for the last 15 years including academy awards nominees.

In 2014, he became the head of the Wallimage Creative fund in Belgium. Wallimage Creative is investing 1M€ per year in digital creation and transmedia storytelling.

In 2016, he was appointed director of the R/O institute, a project-based incubator for Narrative Intellectual Properties (NIP). The 8-months training programme is helping a new generation of storytellers to unfold their narratives across platforms (gaming, series, film, VR, comics…) while keeping their story world in check. Talents are also developing a tailored made business model that will position their NIP as a competitive ecosystem in the global market.

Aside from those complementary activities, Domenico frequently works as an international consultant in storytelling, audience mapping, creative funding and multi streams revenue models. He gives lectures around the world and teaches transmedia related courses in a master programme.


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