When the Pop Up Film Residency was launched in Bratislava in 2019, we were keen to say that this new concept of residency “by filmmakers for filmmakers” may hatch out literally anywhere.

Well, we are very happy today to assert that a Pop Up Film Residency Network is becoming day by day a more tangible reality. After the first residencies that took place outside of Slovakia, respectively in Athens and Cairo, the Pop Up Film Residency is welcoming new hosts, all film producers, active and based in Northern Europe.

With Pål Røed, Katja Adomeit, Marija Razgutė and Jón Hammer joining the network, the diversity of Pop Up Film Residencies will be considerably enriched. Filmmakers from all over the world will get the opportunity to work of their film projects in locations as exceptional as the Faroe Islands, the “Alps of Fyn” in Denmark, or Vilnius & the Lithuanian Baltic seaside. Most importantly, they will be hosted and accompanied by supportive, dedicated, and generous filmmakers very active in the international film industry.

Cineuropa wrote a detailed article on the new hosts of the Pop Up Film Residency. Check it out here: https://cineuropa.org/en/newsdetail/388312/